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Northstone Builders & Developers operate on a vision to be one of the leading infrastructure companies in India and the company of first-choice to its clients. This vision has driven the Company right from its inception in 2008 and it is to this vision that we can attribute the company’s rapid growth in such a short time. Today, Northstone can take pride in the diversity and scope of the many projects it has successfully completed. It can take pride in its growing clientele list that includes both government and private sector organisations.

The company already has to its credit a large number of completed projects worth over INR 590 million across India in the last four years, with many of them in the Government sector, besides a number of major projects in the various phases of development. The growth rate of the company in the last four years had been a rock-steady 30% per year, and in the financial year of 2012-13 alone, the turnover of the company has been over INR 180 million. In the year of 2013-14, Northstone aims at achieving a turnover of INR 450 million. Already, a number of contracts have been signed and the Company is in the process of negotiating a set of new contracts.

Much of the credit for the Company’s growth can be given to the dedication with which its management has worked to achieve its vision. Driven by a philosophy of respect for its clients, vendors and employees, the Company has earned a reputation for delivering quality while adhering to specified timeframes and budgets. With an aim to better equip the Company in order to achieve a position of prominence, the management has conscientiously ploughed back profits to invest in the latest equipment and technology. This coupled with investments in its human resources has ensured that Northstone is well positioned to realize its vision.

The Company does realize and believe that earning respect as builder in a highly competitive industry requires being meticulous in all the facets. Right from the start Northstone has been at the forefront in adopting new technologies in construction, acquiring the latest machinery and equipment and creating a pool of manpower to carry out major civil and structural work for all types of infrastructure development. The Company also invests in the development of its people with training programs across all levels. Latest technology and research findings are constantly researched and incorporated into the training modules so that the team remains up-to-date. The Company has already developed a team of highly skilled and trained technical and administrative staff to execute any major contract. All these initiatives put together enable the Company to improve efficiency, control costs and build better.

Northstone has a team of more than 27 fully qualified and experienced Engineers, who manage under them a large number of technical persons for operations and supervision. As a part of the Company’s efforts to adopt new technologies to improve efficiency, the team utilizes the highly sophisticated world class project management software, Asta Power Project and 3D CAD Visualization Software. Asta Power Project is one of the World’s leading project management software.

All of Northstone’s designs and projects are executed with the end user in mind, making all its projects user friendly, technically superior and architecturally outstanding. The Company’s expertise spans all areas of building and infrastructure development, including commercial, industrial and residential buildings, township development and sports infrastructure development.

Poised to grow to further heights in the coming years, the Company takes great pride in its commitment to quality and adherence to the highest standards in Project Management and rededicates itself to Vision, Mission and Corporate Values.